secondhand sustainable blazer and home sewn lyocell pants

Fashion in Politics

Fashion in PoliticsFollowing yesterday’s inauguration of President Biden, the internet is bursting with celebration of fashion icon Michelle Obama, fashion shirker Bernie Sanders (who stayed warm in mittens sustainably made from recycled fibers!), and other… Read More »Fashion in Politics

pink hair scrunchie made sustainably with fabric scraps

Scrunchie Tutorial

  • Making

Scrunchie Tutorial Sew a hair scrunchie with unused fabricIf you’re digging the oversized scrunchie trend as much as I am, you’ll be pleased to know that if you have 30 minutes, an unwanted garment, and… Read More »Scrunchie Tutorial

Sustainable scrap fabric christmas stocking

Scrap Stocking

  • Making

Scrap StockingQuilt a sustainable Christmas stocking with fabric scraps Looking for a sustainable DIY holiday gift or decoration? Consider quilting leftover scrap fabric into a christmas stocking for a sustainable (and easy!) holiday delight!  Homemade… Read More »Scrap Stocking