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Sustainable Fabscrap fabrics


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Review: FABSCRAP Note: This post is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with FABSCRAP. I’m just really excited about their services!  Through this blog, I hope to articulate that slow fashion – fashion that… Read More »Review: FABSCRAP

sustainable Modern Darling Bralette

Upcycled Bralette

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Upcycled Bralette More comfort, less waste What the eff is up with bras, am I right? We hike those ladies up despite the desperate cries of discomfort from our backs, shoulders, and under-chest. In objection,… Read More »Upcycled Bralette

sustainable modern darling blue and white cotton blouse

One Woman’s Trash

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One Woman’s Trash… Could be Trash I married into a family with a longstanding connection to thrifting. My mother-in-law spends hours poking through her local Salvation Army, searching for natural fibers and name brands. She… Read More »One Woman’s Trash

modern darling white linen blouse and thrifted pink linen skirt


Welcome! Learning, thrifting, and creating my way to better fashion Educate yourself on today’s fashion supply chains and you’ll find plenty of cause for frustration: huge drains on non-renewable resources, careless disposal of harmful chemicals,… Read More »Welcome