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Services & Pricing

Basic Repairs & Alterations

Breathe new life into a garment by adjusting the fit or making simple repairs.


Repair tear along a seam.

$4 – $6

Attach a button (per each).

Price depends on if hand sewing is required.

$20 – $30

Shorten straps.

Price depends on amount of reconstruction required.

$25 – $35

Raise hem of shirt, skirt, dress, or pants.

Price depends on if garment is lined or cuffed.

$25 – $60

Take in a garment at side seams, princess seam, or waistband.

Price depends on fabric and if area has lining, boning, or padding.

$45 – $75

Extend the size of a garment with panel extensions.

Price depends on number of panels and construction complications.


Enlarge neck or arm hole (per each).

$30 – $45

Repair or replace a zipper.

Price depends on amount of reconstruction required.

Starting at $50

Add lining.

Price depends on garment construction.

Hand Mending

Repair holes and cover stains with visible or camouflaged stitches.

Show your clothes some love.

Darning hole repair
Starting at $10
$10 : 1/8 square inch hole
$25 : 1/83/4 square inch hole
$50 : 3/4 – 2 square inch hole
$75 : 2 – 4 square inch hole

When a hole is not on a seam, it is difficult to repair with a sewing machine. Many small holes can be repaired with hand sewing techniques, using matching or contrast colors.

Roving repair
Starting at $15
$15 for first hole/color
+$10 for each additional hole in same color
Additional cost for non standard shape

Roving is fiber in its cotton-candy-like form, before it is spun into yarn. With a felting needle and careful hand, it can be applied to small holes in wool garments. This can be done in matching or contrast colors.

Sashiko-inspired stitching
Starting at $40
$40 : first 10 square inches of stitches
+ $3 : each additional square inch

The traditional Japanese art of sashiko uses lines of carefully executed stitching to secure a patch to the underside of a garment. My work is far from the intricate designs that have come out of Japan for centuries but is a very effective means of repairing holes and reinforcing textiles.

Embroidery design
Starting at $60
Additional cost determined by size and complexity of design

That’s not a hole or a stain, it’s a blank canvas for an embroidered piece of art. I’ll provide design concepts based on your style and the garment’s structure.

Custom Design

Start from scratch or rethink a garment that isn’t quite right.

Looking for something more?

Let’s work together to upcycle a piece of your wardrobe that isn’t

working for you or envision a totally new one-of-a-kind look.