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Scrap Stocking

Quilt a sustainable Christmas stocking with fabric scraps

Looking for a sustainable DIY holiday gift or decoration? Consider quilting leftover scrap fabric into a christmas stocking for a sustainable (and easy!) holiday delight! 

Sustainable scrap fabric christmas stocking
Sustainable scrap fabric christmas stocking

Homemade garments may not carry the weight of inhumane assembly, but we cannot absolve every home-sewn piece of ethical and environmental concern. Textiles produced for home sewists may also employ the inhumane and environmentally damaging practices that finished fashion does. To combat this reality, I try to be mindful of the fabric I buy and minimize waste by repurposing scrap fabric. For the past couple of years, I’ve saved and organized every piece of scrap fabric leftover from sewing projects. I now have a jam-packed bureau of small assorted scraps, in a wide variety of colors and patterns that all align with my aesthetic. These would-be-trash pieces have a lot of creative potential!

Sorting fabric scraps

I organize my scrap fabric into several categories:

medium fabric scraps
small fabric scraps
Large fabric scraps
Largest fabric scraps
  • Larger than ¼ yard: these pieces have the most possibilities. They could easily be used for pocket linkings, sleeves, numerous other design details, and even small tanks. 
  • Between ¼ yard and a few square inches: the difference between this category and the next is somewhat nebulous and more about shape than size. These pieces are at lease a few inches wide so that they could be used for quilting pieces, small design details, or scrunchies and other tiny projects.
  • Strips: mindful cutting often leaves long strips of narrow fabric. These are too narrow for seam allowance for sewing but can be used for braiding. Braided strips can be sewn into a thick, stiff fabric perfect for baskets.
  • Tiniest: the tiniest scraps can’t be sewn or braided but can be used as stuffing in poofs or pillows. 

For this Christmas stocking, I quilted pieces from the second category. I used three different colors: a striped cotton from the first dress I designed (below left), a white linen from one of my most worn blouses (below right), and a pretty but itchy fabric of unknown content I purchased early in my sewing that has been used primarily for testing fit. 

Looking forward to giving this sustainable, one-of-a-kind Christmas stocking to my grandmother.

blue and white striped dress
white home sewn linen blouse