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Secondhand Styles for Summer

My go to summer sustainable secondhand fashion

If you aren’t shopping secondhand you are missing out. Whether you take the time and energy it requires to sift through a charity shop like GoodWill or Salvation Army; take some of the searching out by visiting a more curated and slightly more expensive vintage shop; explore online resources like Poshmark or ebay; or exchange unwanted garments with friends and family, there are plenty of scores to be had. The best part? Secondhand is the most sustainable way to style.

Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite sustainable summer outfits for backyard barbeques and ice cream dates (masked and socially distant, of course). Many of these garments came from my mother-in-law who either picked it up at a charity shop with me in mind, bought it for herself and handed it off to me when cleaning out her closet, or acquired it through clothing swaps with friends. All are great ways to reduce your environmental impact without sacrificing fashion.

secondhand mustard yellow sweater and white striped tshirt and white skirt
secondhand mustard yellow sweater and white striped tshirt
secondhand White skirt and grey sandals

What’s better for summer than breezy skirts and breathable tops? I’m a sucker for mustard but this sweater is a winner on softness alone. The sunglasses were a desperate purchase from a Salvation Army in Austin after I lost a pair, but I absolutely love them.

  • T-shirt is 100% linen, originally from Ann Taylor Loft.
  • Sweater is 80% cotton and 20% Polyimide by Kiabi.
  • Skirt is 55% ramie and 45% cotton by Woolworths.
  • Shoes are Bass.
  • Necklace and shoes also second-hand.
secondhand Blue top and abstract print skirt
black strapey sandals
secondhand Blue top and abstract print skirt

These shoes came directly from a ready to wear shop. Any sustainability points they deserve come from the amount of thought I put into purchasing them. I really wanted open-toed sandals that had enough arch support for a comfortable leisure walk AND enough elegance to not look out of place with styled outfits. I have not had a lot of luck finding second-hand shoes that still have some life in them but I’m hopeful that online thrift shops, which I haven’t patronned much, will offer more appealing options.

  • Blouse is 100% rayon by Pearl.
  • Skirt is 100% linen and 100% cotton (lining) by Talbots.
  • Shoes are Söfft.
  • Long necklace, bracelet, and hoops are also second-hand.
secondhand White pants, yellow knit top, and grey sweater
beige wedges
secondhand White pants, yellow knit top, and grey sweater

I bought these wedges from a ready-to-wear store as well. They deserve some eco-credit though, because they were purchased for my wedding. Instead of letting them collect dust until I go down memory lane on my 10th wedding anniversary, I decided to give them plenty of love, wear, and tear.

  • Knit tank is 55% cotton, 40% rayon, and 5% nylon by Joseph A.
  • Sweater is 67% cotton and 33% rayon by Joseph A.
  • Pants are by Michael Kors (unknown fiber content).
  • Sandals are Franco Sarto.
  • Bracelet and hoops are also second-hand.